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Track, measure, manage and optimize the digital experience across every device, application and activity.

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A Tour of ManagedDEX:
The Digital Employee Experience Service That Scales

ManagedDEX is powered by RavenTek and built upon Riverbed’s world-class digital experience management platform–Alluvio Aternity. With direct access to a world-class team of digital experience engineers and advisors, proactively support and deliver real-time, actionable insights about the health of your IT ecosystem and improve the employee digital experience. 

Accelerate Your DEX Journey with Unmatched Strategy, Insights & Service

Monitor Any Application On Any Device

Users don’t care how technology works, they just want it to work. 

Now you can seamlessly monitor the user experience across any number of applications and devices to ensure optimal performance.

DXI with Real-Time Insights

The Digital Experience Index (DXI) automatically calculates your overall digital experience score and identifies the specific areas needing improvement.

Understand Employee Sentiment with Real-Time Feedback

Go beyond post-ticket surveys and collect contextual sentiment to understand the employee experience with the technology they use to be successful.

Track and Optimize Experience Over Time

Measure, score and optimize the digital employee experience so you can track experience over time and predict productivity degradation.

Prevent Issues Before They Happen

Surface potential IT and security issues and make recommendations on actions to remediate and improve the digital experience for employees.

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